Bell Park Sports Club applauds the amazing work of our committee members and volunteers that have seen the delivery of state-of-the-art Coaches Boxes to our Main Pitch. The replacement of the old brick and mortar structures with see through Perspex boxes will not only protect the coaches and players on the bench from the howling south westerly weather but enable our terrace spectators uninterrupted view of the play.

Huge thanks to Sam Santoro and Will Talev for delivering this project, assisted by Tony Romano, Ricky Secen, Mick Zsargo and Russell Butler. Unfortunately, volunteers Paul Secen and Frank Mazza were unavailable for the photo shoot. Thanks to Linda Petkovic for securing the grant from Aust. Government Dept of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communication Stronger Communities Program that enabled this Project to be undertaken.

Fantastic outcome, well done everyone!