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Viagra - the first vehicle that comes to mind is a man trying to cope with erectile dysfunction. In today's world more than 30 million men are at risk of impotence. Men's Health is in need of a deeper study, when it comes to analyzing the causes of erectile dysfunction and popularity miracle drug known as Viagra.

So, what are the reasons most often lead to the development of erectile dysfunction in men? In fact, they are not so small, and all of them can be divided into two groups, namely, internal and external.

Internal reasons: Diabetes. Sexual dysfunction in men is most often caused by diabetes mellitus, which is caused by poor eating habits and unhealthy lifestyles that are so firmly established in our daily lives. Causes 30% of all cases of impotence. Hormonal imbalance. Hormonal disorders - another reason often leads to erectile dysfunction in men which impairs sexual health. It becomes the cause of impotence in 20% of cases. Nervous disorders. Neurological diseases such as Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis cause damage to the nerve endings in the penis. In addition to spinal cord injury may also have a negative impact on men's sexual health and cause erectile dysfunction. Playing the cause of 5% of cases. Cardiovascular disease. As a result of heart diseases arterial wall thickening and compacted, resulting in a reduction of blood flow in them. This reason leads to problems with erectile dysfunction in men more often - 55% of all diagnosed cases. Stress and anxiety. Psychological fatigue - is among what we grew up and what have long been accustomed to. Nevertheless, the stress leads to numerous health problems and gives our immune system. Quite often, the psychological problems are completely ignored when it comes to determine the cause of male impotence.

External causes that contribute to impotence: Smoking. It's hard to believe that erectile dysfunction in men can be caused by smoking, but it's true. The fact is that smoking impedes the flow of blood in the arteries, which can lead to problems with erection. The addiction to alcohol. Another bad habit that has to be immediately get rid of those who want to find a solution to the problem of impotence. It is unlikely that Viagra can help here. The use of drugs. What should I do if the drug is the cause of impotence? Discontinue the drug, or to live with impotence and other problems in addition to every day will complicate the lives of more and more. Frequent use of medicines. Quite often, certain medications contribute to aggravate impotence. Most often it is - drugs that reduce blood pressure and get rid of depression.

Today Viagra is within reach of almost any of us. To do this, it is enough to go online and find an online pharmacy that trades Viagra. However, purchase Viagra over the Internet should only be from reliable vendors who are authorized to sell. Should beware of fakes.

Since the invention of Viagra and the start of production in 1993, it is a miracle cure invariably accompanied by hype and excitement, which in turn has led to many myths among both buyers and active users, and among those who know about Viagra only hearsay. Sildenafil Citrate - the main component, which is part of Viagra and causing sexual arousal during sexual intercourse or during any other form of sexual activity.

However, Viagra should be taken only for men who have no contraindications and received a doctor's permission. Viagra should not be taken for men who have certain health problems, such as heart problems, etc. Viagra is not an aphrodisiac, which can take everything.

And, of course, Viagra is not intended for women and children. Viagra does not get rid of impotence, it only stimulates and relaxes the blood vessels, thereby helping to achieve an erection. Viagra can be taken only after consultation with the doctor, and the people who buy Viagra should be aware of the various side effects of this agent.